Promise Me teaser!

Alright, peoples. Here’s the teaser I promised! If you haven’t read Save Me, you may want to skip this.

Oh, and please keep in mind, Promise Me is still a work in progress and this excerpt will likely be at least a little different in the finished book.

Joann and James have no clue that Jack and I are anything other than elated for them. I hug her, fighting to stay mad at her for what I can’t help but see as a betrayal.
The drive home is uncomfortable and I struggle to keep in all the things that threaten to burst forth from me like a tsunami. Jack looks at me almost constantly and I catch him out of the corner of my eye.
We pull in at the house at sunset and I know we’ll have to talk about this now. Jack puts the Escalade in park and shuts off the engine. Neither of us make any move to get out. The silence that fills the vehicle is heavy with so many things.
“Carly,” Jack says with a weakness that pulls at me.
I stare out the window into the trees, not able to talk to him just yet even though I want to.
“Please, tell me what you’re thinking,” he says. “I don’t care if you cuss me out, or scream, or slap the shit outta me. Just talk to me.”
I finally face him and it’s like ripping the Band-Aid off a cut before it’s had time to stop bleeding.
“What do you want me to say, Jack?” I ask.
“Something. Anything,” he answers.
“Fine. I’ll say something. I’m going to Claire’s,” I say, only deciding it in the second before I said it.
“You’re leaving me?” Jack asks. I have to focus my eyes on his temple or his ear or that little overhang of dark hair because if I look straight into his eyes, I’ll crumble.
“I’m not leaving you, but I can’t be here tonight. I have to think.”
“Carly, I can’t do this without you,” he says, shaking his head. “You promised me you’d be with me through anything.”
“That was before you lied to me,” I say.
“Fuck,” he mutters. “I wasn’t aware your love had stipulations.”
“I’m not saying I don’t love you. Forgiving you would be a lot easier if I didn’t. I’m just saying I need some space,” I say, not letting myself look at him for more than a second.
“I can’t believe you’re acting like this,” he says. “I need you with me on this, Carly.”
“If you needed me like you say, you would’ve told me about this three months ago,” I say. “I’m not mad at you because of the situation; I’m mad because you lied to me. Every time I asked you what was wrong was an opportunity to let me in, but you kept on lying, kept on pretending that everything was fine.”
Jack nods, pulls the keys from the ignition and opens his door. He climbs out and slams the door so hard that the vehicle rocks back and forth. I break down completely as he disappears inside the house.

Wonder what that’s all about. Seems like something major has happened to Jack and Carly. Do you think they’ll make it? I hope so.

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